Move into a Clean Home with Big Dutch

There's nothing like a dirty house to dampen your excitement of moving into a new home. With the Big Dutch Moving Cleaning Service you will be sure of entering a property that is clean and tidy. Big Dutch also conducts moving out cleaning to ensure clients do not forfeit their security deposit at the end of their lease.

Cleaning Before Your Arrival

On many occasions people move into a new property to find that it has been left in an appalling condition by the previous occupant. We believe that this shouldn't happen, which is why Big Dutch offers to visit the apartment prior to your arrival and make sure that you are moving into a hygienic home.

Leaving a Clean Property

One of the key concerns for a tenant who is leaving a rental property is receiving their full deposit back. Some landlords are overly strict on how clean the living area has been left, and will charge you for the smallest of issues. To ensure you receive your security deposit back in full, utilize the help of Big Dutch Cleaning Service. We will make sure the apartment or house is left spotless, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that it will pass the end-of-tenancy inspection.